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SOCAL Water Polo

USA Water Polo Chairman's Cup Award Winner for

Best Club in America

2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 & 2006

SOCAL Water Polo is a Tustin based non-profit club that was founded in 1987 to develop the water polo skills of young athletes. We create scholar athletes that excel in the pool, in the classroom, in their communities and in their families.  Over the last 20 years SOCAL has emerged as a powerhouse club. We offer programs for boys and girls from ages 5 and up.










(Trial for New Members, Only)






WATER POLO AGE Based on your age as of August 1, 2019

Click Registration to Join


Intro Programs

Splashball Water Polo for Boys & Girls ages 5-9

Water Polo Lite for Boys & Girls ages 10-12


Competitive Age Groups Programs

10u Boys Competitive Water Polo 

10u Girls Competitive Water Polo

Youth Boys Competitive Water Polo 12u & 14u

Youth Girls Competitive Water Polo 12u & 14u

High School Boys Competitive Water Polo 16u & 18u

High School Girls Competitive Water Polo 16u & 18u

Masters Coed

Swim Conditioning for Water Polo Players


New Members Welcomed for One Week Trial  

Register for a one week trial at any time during our sessions. In addition to registering for SOCAL's trial offer, players must also have a current USAWP membership or USAWP trial membership. For a USAWP trial membership select either the printed application or online version.  Please bring a copy of the completed form to your first practice and give it to the head coach on deck. We are SOCAL Water Polo Foundation, Club 51, Southern Pacific Zone (SOPAC)



Layne Anzaldo - UCLA
Ella Abbott - University of Michigan
Brooke Banta - UCLA
Carter Britt - University of Michigan 
Janie Hobbs - California State University East Bay
Brooke Hourigan - Harvard Universtiy
Linnea Kelly - Brown University
Haiden Lang - St. Francis University
Meghan Lopez - Cal State University Northridge
Liam Murphy - University of Redlands
Annie Rankin - University of Michigan
Kili Skibby - University of California Irvine

Adam Watson - United States Air Force Academy
Rachel Westphal - Cal State University Monterey Bay


The SOCAL Spotlight Newsletter - Fall Edition is hot off the press!

2019 Cal Cup State Finals Success!
18 Girls Black Team - GOLD Medal
18 Boys Black Team - SILVER Medal
16 Girls Black Team - GOLD Medal
16 Boys Black Team - GOLD Medal
16 Boys Gold Team - 11th Place
14 Girls Gold Team - SILVER Medal
14 Girls Gold Team - 15th Place
14 Boys Black Team - SILVER Medal
14 Boys Gold Team - 16th Place
12 Girls Black Team - SILVER Medal
12 Boys Black Team - 4th Place
12 Boys Gold Team - 16th Place
10u Coed Team - GOLD Medal


2019 10u Dare to Dream Tournament Success!

10u Coed - SILVER Medal Believers Division


2018 Champions Cup Success!

8th Grade Boys - 7th Place

8th Grade Girls - GOLD MEDAL


2018 National Junior Olympics Success (17 SOCAL Teams Participated)!

18 Boys Black - 15th Place Silver Division

18 Girls Black - GOLD MEDAL Platinum Division

18 Girls Gold - BRONZE MEDAL Silver Division

18 Girls White - SILVER MEDAL Bronze Division

16 Boys Black - GOLD MEDAL Platinum Division

16 Boys Gold - GOLD MEDAL Gold Division

16 Girls Black - 7th Place Platinum Division

16 Girls Gold - BRONZE MEDAL Silver Division

14 Boys Black - SILVER MEDAL Platinum Division

14 Boys Gold - 21st Place Platinum Division

14 Boys White - 13th Place Silver Division

14 Girls Black - BRONZE MEDAL Platinum Division

14 Girls Gold - 5th Place Silver Division

12 Boys Black - 13th Place Platinum Division

12 Boys Gold - 8th Place Silver Division

12 Girls Black - BRONZE MEDAL Platinum Division

10 Coed - 5th Place Platinum Division


2018 US Club Championships Success!

18 Boys - 11th Place

18 Girls Black Team - 4th Place

16 Boys Black Team - GOLD MEDAL

16 Boys Gold Team - 4th Place

16 Girls Black Team - 4th Place

14 Boys Black Team - GOLD MEDAL

14 Girls Black Team - 5th Place

12 Boys Black Team - SILVER MEDAL

12 Girls Gold Team - GOLD MEDAL

10u Coed - 5th Place



Send your SOCAL Water Polo team photos to


 Contact Us

SOCAL Mailing Address
PO Box 1996 Tustin, CA 92781-1996